Volume:    1____________________________ No. 2.   August 1992


Chairmans Comments

The first AGM - A report

Who's Who - Office Bearers

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Welcome to the second edition of The Friends Bulletin. As you will read elsewhere I was appointed Chairman at the recent AGM and apart from a welcome I think it might be a good idea to bring you up to date on Museum activities, for after all the purpose of the Bulletin is to enable those members who live out of Orkney to feel that they belong.

As I outlined in my report to the AGM, Registration of the Museum is still proceeding and a little bird has indicated that before too long the Trust will be granted "Provisional" Registration; "Provisional" because we have to get the collection catalogued in the approved manner and comply with other requirements.

The legal process of obtaining the lease of part of St Margaret's Hope School to give us room to take stock of the collection, catalogue it and store it is wending on its weary way.   Only a few Is to dot and Ts to cross...

For those who might be interested, it is hoped to activate the Museum's amateur radio callsign GB2OWM over the period   11 to 17 September to coincide with the Orkney Science Festival.   Any licensed radio amateur who would like to go on the operator's rota should please contact me as soon as possible. Apart from the actual operation, for which an amateur transmitting licence is required, there are jobs for non licensed enthusiasts, writing QSL cards and log keeping.   Again, if you are interested please contact me.


Bill Wright




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The First AGM of The Society of Friends of Orkney Wireless Museum, was held on Saturday 18 July 1992 in the Hall of St Margaret's Church, by kind permission of the Minister and Congregation.


It proved to be quite a busy place as apart from the 17 members present at the AGM there was a Baptism of twins going on in the attached Church at the same time!!


The Chairman's report had already been circulated.   The Treasurer's Report showed a balance in the Bank of 85.56 despite all the costs involved in setting up the Society.


The Officer Bearers elected for the ensuing year were:- Chairman - Mr A W Wright; Vice Chairman - Mrs CG Foden; Secretary - Mr RJ Lee; Treasurer - Mr PM MacDonald.   The Committee members elected being :- Mr AJ Firth; Mr D Rendall; Mr GM Christie; Mr M MacDonald and Mr R Grieve.

The auditor, Mr R Dixon was re-appointed, although he had not been able to audit the accounts for the year under review as he was away on holiday at the vital time.

It was agreed that the annual subsciption remain at 3 and was now due.

Under "any other business", Mr PM MacDonald asked if members would consider writing a paragraph or short article for future issues of the Bulletin.   Mr Wright asked if members might be prepared to act as volunteer custodians at the Museum.   Mrs Chesters, on behalf of the out of Orkney members asked if the activity periods of the amateur radio station GB2OWM could be publicised.   It was mentioned that it was hoped to activate the station during the Orkney Science Festival (11-17 September) and that licensed members would be welcome as operators and non licensed members as loggers and QSL card writers.   It was also pointed out that the licence held did enable unlicensed persons to send short messages of greeting over the amateur station.

The meeting closed at 3.30pm followed by light refreshments.

This is only a rough report.   Full minutes will be made available before the AGM in 1993.





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The Chairman - Mr A W Wright


Bill Wright has lived in Kirkwall since 1973 and is a Solicitor by profession, being the now retired Procurator Fiscal for Orkney.   He is a member of the Rotary Club of Kirkwall, and an Elder in St Magnus Cathedral. He is Administration Officer for the Orkney Sea Cadets and on the Management Committee of Voluntary Services Orkney.   He first became interested in radio in the 1940s and was licensed as a radio amateur in 1952 still holding the callsign GM3IBU. Like the Museum founder he was a member of the Royal Naval Auxiliary Service, where they first met, and is a member of RNARS (920), RAOTA and RAYNET.   He is not as active on the air as he would like to be.   He is one of the Trustees of Orkney Wireless Museum and is the nominated holder of the amateur radio licence for the Museum.



Vice Chairman - Mrs CG Foden

Kim has been an active member in radio for many years, her interest stemming form her father Jack Twatt who was a pioneer in early radio in Orkney, and who along with his brother James were the first people in Orkney to receive a Television picture in 1931.

In the recent past Kim has been an Auxiliary in the Coastguards Operations Room in Kirkwall keeping a radio watch on channel 16. She has also been an afloat Communicator with the Royal-Naval Auxiliary. She is a keen Radio Amateur, callsign GM4LNN. Occupation is a self employed printer.



The Secretary - Mr Bob Lea

Bob's interest in radio stems from his schooldays when he was encouraged to build a crystal set, and then went on to build a single valve set. He spent 30 years in the RAF on the electrical side. After spending an enjoyable holiday in Orkney he moved up here to stay in 1990.



The Treasurer - Mr P.M. MacDonald

Peter MacDonald (age 33) is a Trustee and son of the founder James MacDonald. He does not have an education in the actual workings of radio, but has a keen interest in the History and design of the technology. He is an active member of the local Vintage Club. His present occupation is a sales assistant in a local Ironmongery shop.



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